Breeding Bengals for Health, Beauty & Personality in Northwestern, PA.


Bengals were carefully developed by breeding an Asian Leopard with a domestic shorthair. This incredible breed has captured our hearts and we desire to bring nothing but quality animals to your hearts - and homes! 

All photography provided by Kara Stanley & MMR Media


About Us

The beauty and personality of the bengal cat is what first caught our attention. Starting with some research of the breed, it wasn't long before we started to plan to own our first bengal. After planning and saving, we were able to purchase our beautiful queen, Aria. She came from Europe, carrying some unique bloodlines and was everything we desired. Enjoying her as she grew from a kitten to a mature cat, we knew we wanted to become breeders. With respect for the breed and a great desire to be responsible in proceeding, we started to look for a male to breed to. Our beautiful girl had her first litter in 2017.  Since then, we have grown to owning two beautiful queens, Aria and Snow, and our one stud, Cato. Find out about how we got started, our goals, and what you can expect when buying a kitten from KMS Bengals.


Our desire with our breeding cats is to produce high quality, well socialized, and most importantly, healthy kittens. With our health guarantee, we strive to keep up with testing and screening on our breeding cats every two years.